I finally found a fiat body to build my car. After missing all the cheap rusty cars that were for sale I finally found a project that the owner has given up on.

Best part is the car is just $200 because the owner needs it gone as he is moving out of the country and can't take it with him.

The car is perfect, southern car, no rust, complete with no missing parts. Unfortunately, the floor and firewall and from suspension have been cut out to fit in a 150hp V6 Alfa Romeo engine, a BMW transmission and a host of other scarp parts.

What a mess this thing is. It is completely dissembled and most of the important stuff is cut off or out completely.

You will notice in the photo there is no cross member for the front suspension and no steering, so this is really just a body and not much else. I am not sure I realized what I was getting into.

I am confident I can do it, but it might take more time than what I had budgeted as usual. I always think it will be easy and then I take on some crazy project like this. At least I do have a body to get started with.

The truth is, I have not really thought this through at all. I don't even know if the engine will fit between the wheels or behind the radiator. But if I realized it would not, then I would never try and this is going to be a great project if I can complete it.

This is actually how I got the car. The outside of the body is great but the rest of the car is a mess as you can see by the photos. At least I wont have much to cut out but I will have a ton of sheet metal work to do to get the body back together.